If a catastrophe is a horrible event abruptly inflicted upon an undeserving person or people, a eucatastrophe is an unexpected salvation in the moment of despair.  Tolkien coined the term, and it is most commonly associated with the great eagles that twice arrive in the nick of time to save hobbits, elves, and men from utter destruction.

I’ve spent a while hoping for a eucatastrophe, whether on the wings of eagles or more humble creatures. In the meantime, I am a student. a journalist. a writer, and an occasional pain in the rear for my friends and family.

I am also a Christian, and that is perhaps the biggest reason for Eucatastrophic. Being a Christian in a secular world is a difficult proposition, being a Christian in journalism is an ugly proposition, and handling both at once with grace, dignity, and respect seems “beyond the height of men,” so to speak.

I’m a Tolkien fan. Many of the best lessons I’ve learned in life have come from the realm of fantasy, especially from the creation of Illuvatar. “What Would Aragorn Do?” is a good question to ask oneself in the heat of battle.

Hopefully you learn something from what is recorded on this blog.  Or maybe you can leave a comment and teach me something.  Either way, perhaps we can help each other prevail a little longer against the shadow.

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I'm a graduate student at Laurier University in Ontario. I used to be a journalist, and I moonlight as a writer / tennis player / LOTR nerd.

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